Successful higher education marketing initiatives build awareness and connect degree and certificate programs to best-fit prospective students. Whether you need promotional materials or are looking to develop an integrated marketing campaign with enrollment management support for your online program, our experienced marketing team will work with you to develop key strategies and tactics to meet your specific goals.

We start our processes by learning everything we can about your program's existing students. Data and demographics lay the foundation for our campaigns.

Step 1: Plan

How does it start? Prior to developing any campaign we combine market research and data analysis with your student demographics, budget, and goals. The resulting project brief guides development throughout the campaign on everything from artwork to media purchases with your specific objectives at the forefront. With decades of experience increasing program awareness and recruitment, our marketing team will work with you to develop key strategies and share best practices to make your marketing campaign successful.

Step 2: Development and media planning

Who does what? Based on our pre-development discussions and the resulting project brief, we will work with you to develop and create a campaign that includes clear goals, a well-defined budget, and a strategic timeline. Together we'll determine the size, scope, and direction of your campaign from execution, tracking, and adjusting, through campaign completion. Working with our network of talented and experienced designers, copywriters, media buyers, and multimedia specialists, we generate interest in your degree program and deliver your message to those most likely to enroll.

Step 3: Launch and monitor

Is it working? Key stakeholders will be kept informed as the campaign launches, and we'll rely on your input and feedback to ensure the project stays on track. In addition to monitoring and adjusting your campaign as needed, we will collect and report on inquiries generated by prospective students. With our data-driven reports and guidance, you'll take the lead in contacting and advising prospective students.

Step 4: Evaluation

How did it perform? We'll report post-campaign metrics relative to marketing campaign goals and benchmark results to industry standards and prior years (when available).

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Jaap-Jan van Duin
Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development